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Hello, my darlings! 

Today I’ve come back to you with this glorious creation.
It looks funny and to be honest I did not think for a minute it’ll work. Took it for testing cuz it looks like Womanizer InsideOut and will try that one too so this was just under work for comparison. I even as saying that out loud while putting it on position and had to take a break to gasp. What do you know? It really works! And guess what? It wasn’t even expensive.



Let me list you some pros and cons first:

+ YAY for ABS silicone
+ Rechargeable, with cord, but still
+ Waterproof, double yay!
+ Matte surface, matte anything is up my alley
+ Easy to put in place and even without remote quite pleasant to use
+ Simple box and not filled with unnecessary gadgets
+ It bends so well! Seeing that it has two parts and it should fit all kind of lady glories, honestly I think this would. Give it a shot.
+ Has two motors, one on each head and both have 10 frequencies.
+ It doesn’t only suck nor does sound like an angry wasb, it actually is quite quiet and sucking is more of a pulsing like drop in water that breaks the surface and makes waves that travel all around it. Exactly like that. 

– Why not magnetic? Womanizer InsideOut has it!
– It seriously is weird. I kept pushing the day that would try it. Specially how thick it is at vibrator hear and the rest is narrow like a pen. So many questions. But it works, so I’ll leave it be.
– Sorry, but I’m gonna be picky about color. Since it’s alienating shaped, it should be in safer color like white and black. Not like plum/purple.  Again, I’m very visual person so this is more of an opinion.

Pro tips:

  • Put it in and hold it in position with panties/pants. Or sit on it and rock gently back and forward. Or whatever you like to do, but if you’re trying to keep it in place with hands you might easily end up pushing the buttons and getting the frequencies mixes. It’s quite a buzz kill alright. Been there, done that. Went full mode, King Kong.
  • Also, lube is your best friend with toys.
  • An odd choice for traveling. Rather take a bullet or a wand with you for travels.

I haven’t had this much fun while trying toys for quite a while now.

Until tomorrow next time,

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