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Ditey rates  3/5


Hello darlings!

It took me a while to decide to make a glass class out of this or anal invasion vol. 2
See this one is kinda special since it reminds you of anal beads, at least reminds me, but yet it’s quite basic dildo. I suppose you can decide for yourself. For me it ended up serving as anal toy and it’s meant to be anal toy, but could be used vaginally too. Whatever you like, there’s no right or wrong. Ok maybe it’s not right to shove it anywhere sideways…



Lets get down to business:

+ Glass is one of safest materials for adult novelty products. ABS silicone is the second safest.
+ Very easy to wash, clean and keep it hygienic. If you’re buying your first toy ever and you don’t know what you’d like, I would recommend glass. It’s just very easy to work with and keep clean.
+ Reasonable price and long lasting product
+ It’s small, about 15cm so it’s perfect for anal since beads are also small and you don’t need to shove entire thing up there. Play with few first beads on top or whatever floats your boat.
+ Now this is a personal preference, but most prefer silicone anal toys. I like my toys hard, just like I like my life.

All in all:

– Well glass is fragile, tho glass toys are usually made of pyrex glass, which of more durable so it won’t chip by just looking at it or dropping it accidentally in the sink while washing it. Believe me, I’m saying this from experience. IF you drop it, make sure to examine it throughly and if there’s a smallest chip, it has to go. You know why.

I have maybe seven glass toys and I’ve had them for five years or so. Dropped them many many times + they keep crashing to each other sounding as they’ve shattered to million pieces. Yet none id broken nor even chipped. There you go, told ya they’re durable.

Not every glass is durable or suitable to be made toys out of. Make sure it’s pyrex that is more durable than basic glass and also meant to be heated/ chilled so it won’t break easily. Also a bit more durable if dropped etc.

I didn’t like it much. Beads are kinda too small for my taste, but again it’s great for the first time trying anal toys or anal in general.


Pro tips:

  • Lube, lots of it. Silicone or oil preferably. Could use any kind of lube with glass, but use something more durable for anal like a silicone-based lube. Also might want to give a try to numbing lubes with this one. Maybe spice it up with heating/ cooling lube.
  • If you use it with someone/ one someone GO EASY on them. You can hurt them so easily by just going a bit wrong direction than prev shove and it really hurts. Cuz it’s glass and hard. 

  • Great for foreplay

  • Warming up for anal play

  • Solo or with partner

  • Pretty enough to be a gift

  • Lightweight so also good for travel

  • Special yet simple enough for beginners toy collection and someone with the wider anal toy collection.


    You can purchase this beauty from here.
    So much text about something so little. It’s like a slim ladylike finger but beaded. Beaded finger… ok I’ll show myself out now.
    See you soon at the next review!

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