Treat for your G-spot


Ditey rates 5/5


Hello darling!

It has been a tight competition between this one and glass class number 1.
Every time I think I like this one better and try another one just once to be sure end up liking it as much as this. The curves are so soft and smooth, but oh boy you’ll feel each bump very clearly. Especially the tip. Girth is 3,5cm so it’s not about size. It’s just that it’s hard and feels nice right in the right places. This toy was one of the first toys that I purchased for myself. 


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Second, lets get serious:

+ Cheap
+ Hard surface, feels great and defo hits the G spot (chances are, you’ll squirt)
+ Very hygienic, easy to clean and even to boil/ rinse with boiling water
+ Will aid you in case ob burglary
+ Perfect first toy

– Not many like it that glass is cold, but there’s a way to deal with it.
– Have to be careful not to break it. It won’t snap inside you, that is for sure. Just before use examine it quickly for flakes or chips that might cut you in use.

Why to get glass:

I have admitted that kinda regretted ordering glass toys after ordering them but then when they arrived it was a pleasant surprise! They’re gorgeous. Very different from silicone or any other material. Heavy and personally I have a thing for it’s a see-through, neat, and clean look. Elegant shape and all. After all, sex is about more than feeding one sense.
You have to love the design. No one would think about dildo if they’d see this on a shelf or table. That is if it’s clean. So you can use it as an element of decor too. Maybe have a huge wide vase with a bunch of glass toys in it like displaying makeup brushes.

Pro tips:

  • LUUUUUUBE! And lots of it. Glass doesn’t slide without it. You’ll love the smooth sliding.
  • It’ll get chill fast, but you can always heat it up. In micro or put it in warm water. Rinse it for a while under warm water. 
  • Not the best travel companion in danger of breaking it. Unless you can carry it in a handbag or somehow safely. Tho this glass handles to not break easily, it’s still only glass. Even diamond breaks.
  • Ladies, get it! Great G-spot stimulator.
  • Gentlemen, get it! For yourself or your partner. This is a great prostate stimulator.

This was pretty much it for this simple toy.
I can assure you that you’ll love it.

Until next time,
Ta taa!

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