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Hello, darlings!

Is it just me, or this thing remind you of Sailor Moon? And yes, there is an entire dif shape series, including one with a half-moon. I’ll get my hand on the entire series eventually, but for now, this will do for now. 

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Let me start hyping this thing by saying that I LOVE glass. I like it chilled or warm. Glass usually is cold so I don’t warm it up. Enjoy it being chilled for while it lasts. 

Why I decided to try glass was:

+ Hygiene. You can boil it/ wash is by boiling water. Clean AF! (keep your toys clean! You’r lady bits will thank you)
+ It’s hard surface. Feels even better than guys rock hard on.
+ Most likely will make you squirt, if you’re a squirter.
+ It’s cheap. No worries if you’ll loose it/ break it. Affordable gift too!

– Be careful and always inspect it for damage before use. We’ve all been cut by broken/ flaked glass. You wouldn’t want it in that sensitive area.
– It’s really hard, so if in heat of the moment you’ll loose the tempo/ direction even by bits, it could be turn off right there. It’s fastest fall from almost there to nvm, the f am I even doing.

Now confession time:

All of my dildos are glass. When I said I love them, I meant it. Have about six dif kinds.
If hard dildos are your cup of tea, you should give this a try. I mean it’s so cheap if you don’t like it it’s not a lost + easy to repurpose: it’d make a great conversation starter as aquarium decoration. Nutcracker at x-mas. If you don’t love it, I’m pretty sure your dog will. Just don’t give it to your pet snake.

Pro tips:

  • Lube. Lots of it and since it’s glass don’t worry about if it’s water or silicone-based. Try oil for a change!
  • Great to test if you’re able to squirt.
  • Use it with your partner for that other empty hole, no matter which one your guys are filling up. If he’s not into a threesome, this is the closes you’ll get + it’ll still feel great cuz it’s hard!
  • It’s a great weapon to use to hit someone. Much better than a baseball bat or rolling pin. Especially since you’re totally allowed to carry it anywhere. It would be epic to try to highjack a plane with this glass dildo tho, imagine that.

All in all, love glass and it took metal to change my mind. Yes, I found something harder to change my mind.
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Bye babes XOX

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