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Ditey rates 5/5


Hello, darlings!

If I could give this more than five stars I would. It made it to my favorite toy collection like a boss. I mean look at it! It looks like a unicorn horn. And a dick. Unidick. Photos do no justice to its actual color. So vibrant and radiant color IRL so you have to experience it for yourself.

As always will get into listing what love and hate about this product, but need to tell you about the first reaction when got this:
That box is so gorgeous! I still have it and use it to hold my doxy and Gjack2.
Kept the Gjack2 on the table all the time just looking at it, mostly touching it and thinking about what to write about it. This is a normal routine for me. I have a bunch of dildos and lube tubes on my table.
Other people clean before having guests over, I hide toys and lubes. Yet there’s always something forgotten somewhere. Like sample condoms or bottle of lube beside my high heels. I’ll tell you that story later.


Now to the good part:

+ As a person with sharp senses, this baby is pleasant to touch and watch.
+ Comes with bare minimum: toy, charging cord, pouch and manual
+ Powerful yet quiet motor, tho honestly it blew my mind in use even without turning it on.
+ 100% waterproof!
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ Travel lock! This is quite a rare delicacy. Fun factory offers it too. This is how you know you have a high end toy.
+ What makes it so revolutionary soft and pleasant to touch is: Bioskin™
+ Little hook at the end makes all the difference to have a good grip for solo use
+ Buttons placed well so you don’t accidentally push anything in heat of the moment, yet easy to find when you want to
+ Six dif vibration mode, but various tensity mode. I like this!

– Nothing. Simply loooove this baby!

Ditey approves!

So the skin is supposed to be very close to human skin sensation. Nope. It’s much MUCH better. Cuz due smoking/ sunbathing or whatever reason many have dry skin and it feels nothing close to this. Trust me. When we shake hands and hug I’ll remember your natural smell and how your skin feels. 
Eventually had to hide this toy. I couldn’t help myself touching it. So soft.
How good is it? My god… Again, I did not even have the pleasure of even turning it on. It was mind-blowing without vibration. Kudos to the designer!
As you have noticed it’s slightly curved. It matters and you’ll feel the difference, especially since it’s a soft toy and it’ll curve a bit more according to your use. Not radically but just enough for you to go “OH YES! THAT’S THE SPOT!!!”

Personally I’m no fan of whirling shaped on dildos, but Gjack2 had been so hyped that decided to try it for myself and my god so glad that I did. First of all, it’s not like a unicorn horn at all. It’s more of a ring. And yes it matters. You can feel the difference.
Women: GET THIS!! If you don’t own one this.
Men: GET IIIIT! For yourself or your partner. Take turns to use it. Don’t be selfish. This baby offers pleasure and a bit of something for everyone.


Pro tips:

  • Use lube for extra comfort and don’t forget to use natural lubes (water or oil-based) NO silicone based!
  • It’s to be used vaginally or anally. Meaning it holds something for everyone. 
  • Guys, here’s something extra to spice up jacking off.
  • Ladies, now you can Gjack off too! *I’ll show me out*
  • Remember to wash your toy when it arrives before first use and always, ALWAYS after use too.
  • Storage it in its pouch separated from other toys.
  • Use it especially on bad days to put a smile on your face!

That’s it for this review peeps!
This review was sponsored by Gvibe.
You can find these products from their website here or from Aphrodite here.

I’ll see you on the next review about Gbulb!

Ditey agrees. Elle has a point.

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