Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a wand!


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Hello, Darlings!

Welcome to Gvibe review part two! This post is gonna be filled with exclamation marks since I can’t hold in the excitement about the moment that got the package sent to me from the company. Mailman barely got out of the door before I started to rip the package open while giggling like a little girl and murmuring to myself “happy fucking birthday to me!” and making a little victory dance when I saw the products inside the package.
See I asked for Gjack2 either in black or blue, couldn’t decide. Like the black being entirely black but that blue too. A little bit of green in it, yet so vibrant gorgeous blue. Hard to decide so I decided to let them surprise me. I was surprised alright, very much! And Gbulb too? Why yes, please! Got me to go “uuuu hello there!” since the first time found it online. Now I got to hold it and play with it. YES!

Personally I am a big fan of toys that don’t look clearly like they’re adult toys. It kinda puts me off. So I was more than excited to get my hands on this bulb and even more amused to realize how much it looks like an actual lamp. Look at it beside the basic Ikea lamp! It’s nearly identical to it down to middle part detail. Amazing. Love it! Now, THIS is a great traveling companion and I’ll tell you why in a bit. Hold on to your hat!


Gbulb under microscope:

+ Love the design! Kudos to designer!
+ Have to point out that appreciate specially the size being relevant to actual bulb since we have “lipstick” vibrators absolutely nowhere near actual lipstick sized etc.
+ ABS silicone
+ It’s not exactly rumbling, but something between rumbling and buzzing vibration. Very powerful for something so small and innocent looking
+ Has a travel lock! AWESOME!
+ 6 vibration patterns
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ 100% waterproof
+ Very reasonable price and would say even bit cheap for luxury product and worth the price
+ You can leave it on table and even use it as part of your decor. It’s hella cute!
+ Perfect gift!
+ Perfect for massaging your neck and head. Extra points for nice belly rubs!

– Why pink?! It’s a bulb. To me bright yellow would have been first choice of color. Beside half of my toy collection is pink. It’s hard to be a woman who doesn’t like pink, cuz it’s kind of forces on us. First world problems.
– As a person with sensitive clit, this thing kind of hits it all including clit but not in a good way in my experience. Just not my cup of tea, prefer more targetable toy like this one here or bullets in general. Simply not my cup of tea.
– Was expecting a pouch to be honest but this is just toy snob me complaining. It’s not necessary.

All in all:

This bulb is full of potential. It seriously could be your secret bestie and company you anywhere in your purse. Use it on legs after a long day, neck at office day, or tummy at any day.
There are very specific pictures of how else it could be used, so I’ll leave tips to them.
For me, it’s not my to go to toy for sexual purposes. But it’s simply cuz of having so many choices. Regardless of that, I’d absolutely recommend this to those who’re starting out on sex toy collection and to those with the big collection too.


Pro tips:

  • This’d make a perfect gift for him and her
  • Never ever use silicone lube with it, only water or oil-based.
  • 100/100 would recommend taking this with you on a trip. Helps you with all kind of problems.
  • Don’t forget to use lube for maximum pleasure!


That’s it for today. So much to say about a simple bulb. It is a special toy tho.
This post was sponsored by Gvibe and you can find this product on their website here or from Aphrodite here.
See you next week with a new review!
Have a lovely weekend babes XOX

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