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His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.. – Eminem

Yes. I just quoted Eminem’s song from Lose yourself. Why? Let me tell you why:

Hello darlings and welcome to my wonderland!

Today G-vibe mini is under a microscope and I’m happy to say that it passed with flying colors. Now I know what you’re thinking, if this little gadget is not known to you already it just looks like a nutcracker and there is no way you’d put it near your genitalia, right? Wrong.
That was my thought. I laughed out loud the first time saw this and saw it on many review bloggers’ favorite list too and that kinda aroused my suspicion. Maybe it’s not that bad so I decided to try it for me.


Lets give it a try, shall we?

+ That is a hella cute package! Simple, elegant and with simple necessities: device, charging cord and pouch.
+ ABS silicone, expectedly
+ 100% waterproof
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ I for one think creative shaping is a big plus. It stands out & I’d leave it on table side with pride. Gorgeous and vibrant color too!
+ Dual motor
+ Pretty powerful if I may say
+ I want to give one more plus for pouch that comes with it for keeping the toy in it. It’s seriously nice to have that choice if you don’t want to show it to the world proudly. Yes entire world sees your bedside table. Specially for me since I have so so many toys to keep and could you all the bags and pouches that I can get my hands on. No joking.

– Ok there’s pretty… good instructions about how to use it and on what. Still I had my doubts. I suppose you just have to try it for yourself tho pics are nice bonus. 
– Motors are great, but not mind blowing on their own. I mean if you’ll use one wing alone stimulation is not that wonderful tho it’s still great. Don’t take me wrong, it’s not a minus really. It’s more of pro tip. Be sure to use both flappy flaps for maximum stimulation. To get most out of mr mini.

Now I owe you explanation for Eminem quoting:

So I started very skeptically, right? Discovered whole new woooooorld! Ok, I’ll quit singing, especially since I’m not even that good at it.

What happened that I was VERY surprised ok. Especially when realized two is better than one (that’s what she said) and it was mind-blowing alright. It’s seriously good. I had to pull myself away from it cuz I just couldn’t stop. I had to keep going and going. Again and again. Every time it was surprising how ground shaking and powerful it is! I can’t stress this enough. Let me explain why I keep endorsing it; there is two dif kind of vibrators in my experience: 

1 – One just buzzes like a bee and makes more of sound than actual vibration. Ofc sound is made of sound vibrations waves so you will feel it on your skin, but it’s not mind-blowing sensation nor proper stimulation since the vibration won’t go deeper than just surface.
2 – Second kind if more of rumbling than buzzing and these kinds of vibrators usually make a small circle and literally rumble the tissue that they touch. Going deeper than the surface. It’s not stimulating just tip of iceberg a.k.a tip of the clit. It’ll stimulate the entire vulva. You’ll feel it ALL over.

This entire time I’ve been talking about clits and vulvas, but let me ensure you that this little love works for anyone with any kind of genitalia. 


Pro tips:

  • Use that lube, seriously. I promise you’ll like it. Just need to find your fav kind of lube.
  • Always wash new toys of the outbox before using it. With soap and proper cleaning stuff. Basic hygiene.
  • Pictures have done pretty good work on explaining and giving tips on how or on what to use it so I’ll leave that to pictures. You’ll see them above.
  • Honestly, I dare to promise you that you’ll love it tho it’s luxury toy and expenses are… luxury level. Mine cost 99€ from MEO.de

Now if you’re a collector and have a pretty good idea about what you like, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t own this, get it. It’ll be worth it.
If you’re starting out and even consider this as a first toy I’d still go for it. I usually recommend a bullet for the first time or a wand, but this is an excellent choice really. 

This post is sponsored by MEO and I’m honored to work with them. However, this is an honest review so no matter who sponsors what I’ll write about what I truly feel about the product. Especially if it’s a luxury product and a pricey one. If you liked this, you can find it here. 

Alright, that’s it for today folks.
Move along and have a lovely day. Or night. See you again at the next review!

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