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Ditey rates 5/5


Hello, darlings! 

This one was an absolute surprise. Going through the entire series and here are some of the products of the same line that I’ve already reviewed. I have two more already waiting to be reviewed, which showed in the teaser post. There will be entire family gathered at some point so stay tuned.



Now let me turn the sass up and start the actual review:

+ ABS silicone
+ Rechargeable AND magnetic
+ Still love the lights that change with each freq.
+ 9 freq. and kudos for not even needing to go through them all. Yes, it was that good.
+ Waterproof, so you can take it with you scuba diving and introduce it so sea cucumber as possible mate.
+ Quite powerful and it was unexpected + it actually rumbles like a good little dildo should instead of buzzing like an angry bee.

– It looks like a freakin sea cucumber. Here’s a reminder of how the look like.
– Dropped my little wonka and something broke inside it. I did expect it to survive 1m drop, since it’s 98% covered in soft silicone. Yes I’m pointing fingers at dildo for my clumsiness. 

All in all:

I don’t know why I keep insisting on resisting using lube and it’s not working, but for science, right? Anyhow this one actually performed pretty well without lube. 
I love small powerful toys. This is one of them, so I’ll be holding on to it.
As always: it’s not funny if it works. And sea cucumber works alright! I’ll keep this one.


Pro tips:

  • Use that lube, don’t be like me. Or don’t. See what works out for you and do that.
  • Do not drop it.
  • Ye, it’s not rocket science with this one really. You can use it alone or with a special someone. Works for men and women, so set your imagination free and enjoy!


As much as I loved this little one, tomorrow’s review is rather disappointing.
Until tomorrow,
ta taa! 

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