Hot pink afternoon delight


Ditey rates 4/5


Hello? Yes, we’re going pink again.

This one is a radiant and gorgeous IRL. The camera doesn’t do it any justice, you just have to see it for yourself.
Does this thing even work? Yes. Works just fine. Love the shape, functioning and all, but not 5 stars love it so…



… let me list you cons and pros:

+ I love its thin long shape, I would say it’s quite elegant. Yes. Elegant dildo, deal with it!
+ ABS silicone
+ Rechargeable
+ Quite easy to hold on to it since it has those little dints on both sides at the end that secures your tiny grip. Thanks to material your grip wont slip. Unless you’re swimming in lube. 
+ Comes with bare necessities and nothing more or less. Box, toy, brief instructions and charging cord. Salute you for keeping the littering chances at minimum! Just the way I like my stuff. 

– Why pink man? I’m starting to get offended that everything is pink. Is it cuz I’m a woman? Cuz I love green, ok? Send me green. Make me a green one! Thank you 😀 My entire life is more or less green. Except dildo collection that is mysteriously 89% pink.

All in all:

No shaming for this pretty (not so) little thing.

Sadly, my piece is missing the little bump before the handle end.
Pretty much everything to say about this is said. It’s powerful yes but in the end it basic buzzing dildo. For a toy collector not worth the money, but for first dildo an excellent start. It’s not boring nor too powerful. The perfect middle line to start with and find out what’s your kind of buzzer. 


Pro tips:

  • I think this one could use lube.
  • One could insert it in or use it just externally like put it down, sit on it and ride it. Use it as part of the foreplay together? That little bump makes all the difference and opens up so many possibilities. Maybe slide it nice and slow back and forward. Do whatever and your way.
  • This also works perfectly as a prostate massager, gentlemen take notes. Ladies, don’t be so greedy and share it with your man.
  • Personally, I think it is a great toy as the first one ever or for a collector.


This should do it. The only thing missing is this babe from your collection ;D Give it a chance, if you’re considering it.
First sponsors goodies came in today and pretty much entire week would be about their products. I’m so excited! All magnetic rechargeable and high quality. We’ll see how they perform in real action.

See you next week and have a great weekend filled with big O’s! I know I will, ciao! 

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