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Greetings love!

Yet another product is about to be reviewed that I’ve been dying to get my hands on ever since visiting their booth at EroFame 2019. What made the experience even more special was to be met and greeted by brand creators’ son and daughter. Yes, FemmeFunn is a family business and these two were one of the warmest people I met at those three days long fair. Ever since started my blog I’ve been adoring their products but getting the story behind the brand, meeting them in person, and getting to touch their goods just made it a very special memory. I’m smiling even now that I’m writing about it.
The brand aims to create high-quality luxury toys within an affordable price range. It has worked by far since most of their items are under 100€ (you’ll be able to find everything from their website here).
Can’t wait for this year’s EroFame if it’s gonna be even happening since from look of it ANME is going to be canceled for sure in this rate of Corona pandemic. *Sight* I’ll just play with my toys while being in quarantine. There’s plenty of them and this baby just made a great addition to my fancy toy family and not a moment too late. PLUS it’s in my fav color too!

Pros and cons:

+ 100% silicone (I have plenty of these silicone toys but oh man this material just feels extra silky)
+ Waterproof
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ Boost button as an idea is so simple yet out of this world! How come no other brand has one? Extra points for house FemmeFunn
+ 10 vibration modes (I never got past first setting)
+Head of the wand is one of the best due how it rotates and bends, amazing!

– Use time only 1,5h when charging time is 2h?! At least make it 2 and 2 so my OCD could be at peace..

Feel the power!

I think I died at some point while trying this toy out. Came back just to remind the world how it’s slightly better placed with this toy in it available for purchase. Also on-site note I can hear colors now, thank you FemmeFunn!
Do you know that crazy kind of orgasm that causes ringing in your ears? Yea, this baby delivers those kinds of explosions. Watch out Doxy you got competition! I spent a good amount of time holding my Doxy 3 head in one hand and ultra wand in another. The sad news is that with the boost on this wand is as rumbly as Doxy 3 on LVL 1 on vibration. I still take it! Prefer my FemmeFunn wand over my Doxy for three clear reasons:
1. Size
2. Color (I do love the brushed steel but mint is my color and nothing competes against it)
3. I hate the wire. I can’t deal with it. Rather have slightly less rumbly wand than freakin’ wire that I have to work my movement and position around.

Before moving to the next section I’d like to take this moment to thank Chiara’s shop for sending me ultra wand in exchange for an honest review. 


Pro tips:

  • If you’ll use anything else but water-based lube with silicone-based toys, don’t expect them to be around for long. Always use water-based lube with silicone toys.
  • Excellent gift. Treat yourself!
  • Small enough to make a great traveling companion tho it doesn’t have a travel button lock.
  • Please do gift this toy to someone you care about. They need it in their life and just don’t know it yet.
  • For extreme stress-relief use wand to firs orgasm and then massage your neck muscles before going to sleep. You’ll thank me later.


This is it for this review folks!
Like mentioned before ultra wand was sent to me by Chiara’s in exchange for my honest review. Please do show them some support during these difficult times.
You’ll be able to purchase ultra wand from Chiara’s from here, or directly from the FemmeFunn website from here.

See you at next post- XOX


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