Simple yet it’ll rock your world!


Ditey rates 3/5


Buenos dias!

It’s a wonderful briny day to get a new orgasm with a new toy, isn’t it?
Tho I usually complain about pink dildos and how cliche they are, this one is neon pink! And I love it! It’s gorgeous and makes you want to touch it. No touchy! Only looky..


Without further chitchat we’ll get into pros and cons:

+ It says vibration to die for and let me tell you that I don’t remember half of testing session. I guess that proves it right.
+ 10 modes
+ ABS silicone silicone always gets an A+
+ So does being rechargeable
+ Pretty small and pleasant feeling surface
+ I’d say it makes a great travel company. It won’t nag or keep asking ‘are we there yet’, but it’ll sure get you there 😉
+ It’s pretty cheap little thing!

– It is quite basic vibrator after all, nothing specially rememberable. It did the job, thank you and now get out.
– It’s rather heavy for such a small thing/ I’m used to very light toys.
-Wouldn’t recommend for first vibrator
– Not suitable so quiet “quickie”
– I don’t find this that wow worthy for women, but personally would thing men might actually enjoy this one better. Try it and let me know.

Pro tips:

  • Lube, always lube. Water-based.
  • Makes a perfect first toy
  • Toy collectors, don’t even bother. It doesn’t offer anything special that as a collector I’d expect. Basic, but good.

All in all, it was ok. Would not reach for it again tho. Tho I’m afraid I’m growing to be a vibrator snob. Especially since I have Womanizer and all those other delicious other options waiting to be tested and have to go through something SO basic. It’d get 2 otherwise, but I think it looks so pleasant that I’ll grant it three stars.
Guys and girls, try it for yourself. Tho it didn’t rock my world, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t rock yours.

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Ok, this has been covered enough. I’ll get back to you tomorrow with a new review.


Until then,
Ta taa! 

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