Apply generously to your clit until satisfied with result.


Ditey rates 5/5


Hello, darlings!

I know I know it has been a while. I’ve been busy again. Good news! The website is almost ready folks! And hopefully, this little babe could be sold on it too. I’ll look into it personally.

And here we are with yet another ‘lipstick’. You can’t exactly compare this one to Womanizers 2go vibrator, cuz they just don’t share the same features. This one is actually much smaller and delicate, just like an actual lipstick. Very handy and special thanks to its motor and buttons. But they all have buttons- you might say.

Love this and if you have one it’s easy to understand why. If not, get one! No matter how large your toy collection is. 



Let me elaborate:

+ ABS silicone
+ Rechargeable, magnetic rechargeable
+ Very quite, good little lipstick
+ Makes an excellent face massager (yes I tried. shut up)
+ Extra points for strong magnet. Why does it matter? Charger actually stays on when charging while you breath.
+ Minimalistic packing, minim. waste. Just the toy + charging cord. YES!
+ Always give extra points to a small but mighty bullet vibrator

This is actually hilarious and not a minus at all:
See that lowest button? Rotating arrow? Here I was trying to push it with enthusiasm. Nothing. Had to look up the manual to find out that it doesn’t do anything. Wait.. Why is it there then?! To f* with me. Alrighty then! 

Now I said this one is special cuz of its buttons:

Besides sarcasm, it has a PAUSE button. When did you see a toy with a pause button last time? It’s great, just cuz sometimes you might want to pause for a while and you need to push the button and hold it to turn it on and off. It saves precious seconds. Thank you magic lipstick!

This is only second lipstick and I have many many others in line waiting to be tested and compared to another. Sadly half of them are disqualified right away for going against my policy: being battery operated and not rechargeable. Won’t review those.

This little lipstick came in a bundle of friends but will review them separately to give each one their own spotlight and proper review.


Pro tips:

You don’t need lube with this one. It doesn’t go in anywhere. However, lube will make it more comfortable and adds new sensations once it slides easily around and you can move the tip around. Cuz again silicone doesn’t slide smoothly against bare skin. Like dragging it on a glass. SQUEEEEEEEECK
This could be used pretty much however your imagination allows you. Clit, nip, perineum, and well the face muscle. It helped me with a headache seriously.
Bullets make an excellent stomach massager if you’re feeling stomach pain due to bloating or constipation. 
Makes excellent robot voice transducer: when bored, turn it on and press it against mid throat and talk. In cool robot voice!

Ok enough about chit chat and crazy ideas.
This post was sponsored by Nabini and you can find their Amazon here. If you fell in love with the lipstick and want your own, you can get it here or here.

This was my first sponsored post and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.
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See you on Monday! xx

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