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I love these teaser posts, don’t you?
Meo is my Firs sponsor and is over the moon to co-operate with them!
Here’s a teaser of the package that I got the other day. So so many goodies!
There are two electric shock toys. Do you know how they say you shouldn’t grocery shop when you’re hungry? The same goes for sex toys. Here I am with these experimental toys and scared of trying them. However, I will try them. In name of science and if this is not dedication, IDK what is.
Stay tuned for each goodie being reviewed separately and thoroughly.



My first reaction:

I have to say it was so so surprising to get the answer so fast and that what do I want to try. Really? I get to choose?!! Say no more! Spent a good amount of time going through EVERYTHING that they had and oh boy do they have a huge category!
It was so hard to narrow down the products that I’m interested in trying out. So many colors, varieties, etc. 

Maybe it wasn’t all my fault to get overly excited over the products. See so many products comes with a sexy gif and I’m being generous by saying sexy. It’s more of a clip from porn and they’re good ones. You should see it for yourself so don’t just take my word for it.

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Have a lovely day my darlings! 

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