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Well Hello there! 

I’d imagine that extra effect made it sound a bit more inviting and intimidating. Did it? Cuz I sure had fun with it for a while. This child is learning new tricks!

Welcome back to the blog and today all eyes will be on Tenga! Egg lotion lubricant. Ok, mine is more of a sample-sized that came in Tenga cup, but I don’t need an entire bottle to get the feeling of the product quality.

First I have to say that once the name is very well explained and the product is packed in an egg-shaped plastic bottle. And the lube substance is egg whiteish, but not sticky at all. Much more runny and watery, but again it is water-based lube so that was expected. Personally I don’t like sticky lubes at all so this is more than fine with me. Awesome! 

Meo was kind enough to send me the Tenga eggs for review and this ‘lotion’ comes with every egg like a surprise egg toy. It’s inside the egg in a plastic tube that is placed in silicone egg I assume to hold the shape of the product. Silicone is very soft and smooth so more likely to collapse and who wants an egg that looks like it has been mugged and left for dead? You wouldn’t certainly want to put your D in it.


I’ll let you know about my experience with this eggie after this:

+ Well isn’t that just cute? I’d keep it on a night stand for sure!
+ Water based so you can use it with toys without ruining your beloved silicone toys.
+ Feels very natural
+ Not sticky
+ Washes off by rinsing
+ Won’t stain the sheets
+ Looks minimalistic and to my eye it’s quite pleasing appeal.

– Could be less runny tho. When you put it on a smooth surface like glass or metal it’ll be dripping off so you have to shove it in! So romantic. Maybe don’t use it with glass or metal toys, there is tons of other options. OR if you’re not a control freak like me and don’t mind a mess then forget about my rant.
– As always, why so tiny bottle?! But again they sell those in pack of six, just like eggs. AWWW get out of here! You’re forgiven!

All in all:

Nice, but there are also other options. Too watery for my taste and the thing I wish water-based lubes is that they will get absorbed pretty fast in the end and what is left is the rest of the lube that is not water. And that stuff feels funky. It’s not just with this lube tho. All water-based lubes. This one gets absorbed faster than say aquameo and that is actually not cool since you have to keep applying it every other minute and you’ll use the entire bottle at one session. Doesn’t matter alone or with a partner. There’s only 50ml in each bottle, so maybe you’ll get it better now. It literally is egg-sized. Cute, but not so cute anymore at this point.


Pro tips:

  • You can put your mind at ease and use it with any toys, with or without condoms, and even to get a tight ring off. Might want to close the windows tho, cuz ring will come off flying with force.
  • I would defo love to have this in my toy box. It’s not overpriced.
  • For beginners everyone! And every age!
  • For more experienced readers: Also a yes, depending on your taste. You have something to compare this to so do check the gif at that is right at the beginning of the review to find out if it’s your cup of tea or not.


This post is sponsored by MEO, but regardless it’s honestly reviewed with a dash of sass and humor. Dazzling!
Alright, this is it. So much ado about a bloody egg, isn’t it?

See you tomorrow with a new review! 🙂


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