Intense disappointment



Ditey rates  3.5/5


Hello, darlings!

I’ve after this little bottle for a while now. Not that I can’t find it, just didn’t want to spend over 20€ on it since it’s so small, only 10ml, and I’m not so big fan of Durex so I was skeptical.
I found it with 5€ and have been giving it more than just one shot to change my mind, but honestly, I stay corrected and am happy that I didn’t spend four times more on it than I did. It’s defo not worth any more than 5€.



Let me tell you why:

+ I love the little tickling sensation, but cold gel (specially made for genitals) would do the same trick. OR leave the window open and be near by it. Free, delivered by nature!
+ It’s small and great for travel. Talking from experience.
+ If you’re very sensitive, it’ll defo do the trick! I prefer bit stronger sensation.
+So simple, yet the package is pretty. Not pretty enough to have me spend my money on it again tho.

– Only intense thing here is my disappointment
– It’s like menthol lip palm. Tinkly a bit and bit cold/ breezy, but sensation lasts about max a min.
– There’s no mind blowing orgasm
– I suppose you have to use more than one pump and again it’s only 10ml
– 12/10 will not buy it again. It’s mild enough for first try to see if this is kind of thing that you like.

Final thoughts:

  • In general, I feel like most popular and known brands tend to go for norms and stay mild to please everyone. That’s a good tip to keep in mind if you’re looking for something that is more up your alley.
  • Try ice for a similar sensation but much more intense. Carefully!

P.s DON’T uses a cold gel that is sold in pharmacy for a sports injury. It’ll give you frost bites and 200% surely destroy the mood + there will be hella awkward doctor appointment to go to.

Tho would not buy it again, I’ve been enjoying using it with toys that need to be reviewed. To be extra sensitive and make the most accurate review.

This was it for today and see you at the next review! XOX

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