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Greetings darlings!

I’m gonna be honest and tell you that it was a bit of too exciting to try this product after trying Zeus so I might have or might not have sit on this one for months. One reason was the fear of getting hurt instead of getting pleasure out of it and one was that this product cost almost 289€ and I wanted to squeeze all the possible ways of use out of it. Not for sake of the price only but for the sake of multipurpose too.

This is a perfect example of the reason why you shouldn’t shop for sex toys when horny. Just like you shouldn’t grocery shop when hungry. You’ll know soon enough why to hold on.

So getting zapped with Zeus was lesson enough to know that electro sex is not my cup of tea and why on earth I ever thought it would be? I mean yes I do like pain even to the point it’s sometimes well-inflected arousing. And being used to pain due years of cheerleading practice and aerial acrobatic practice. There’s those physical pain that you’ll learn to endure in time and then there’s this. I suppose not expecting it is exactly what makes electro sex so exciting and appealing to those who like it.

Let us get to the product itself and the rest of my experience comes later. Buckle up!

Pros and cons:

+ For some reason I’m loving the package vibe. It’s medical themed and package is according to the theme plus it protects the bulbs well.
+ Voltage is controllable with a little knob on the bottom of the device.
+ Long cord allows wide range of movement and not needing to do your shenanigans right next to a socket.

– WHAT is that god awful voltage noise that this device makes once it’s turned on? That noise on its own alone gives me goose bumps. It exactly sound like you’re seconds away from being electrocuted so that creeps the living shit out of me due being electrocuted as child so many times (due my brothers wild experiments) yet it removes the excitement of not knowing how the toy will perform. Bummer. I’m sure my childhood memory is not unique so this sound alone is a big turn off.
– As if that noise alone wasn’t bad enough it’s companies with stink of melting metal. Spent good 30min or so going around house making sure nothing was smoking or about to go on flames. This absolutely set me in sexy mood…. not!
– You have to press the bulbs into the device and pull them out to change the bulb. Every time I’m afraid it’s gonna shatter in my hand in million pieces. Again, this is not my kind of pain. Shattered glass in palm middle of sexy time. Oh baby.. This is a cheap way and not sure how much it’d cost to add better option for changing bulb BUT for price of 289€ they should be able to do it! Considering retail price is usually 1/3 of how much manufacturing the product cost, sometimes much less than that. 

All in all:

You really can alter the voltage by putting a finger on the bulb while holding the device before pressing it against the skin which makes the voltage much milder and for someone with as sensitive skin as me that makes a big difference. Also the wider the bulb head is the wider area voltage will spread to and be less painful. Most painful is concentrated head (tiny ball head one that I’ve used to take the demo pics in beginning on the review).
Zeus still stands as a horrible wand. Tho the guy that I sold it to praised it as one of the best wands he has ever owned. But again the guy used it on his girl so I don’t know the exact answer since I’d need to ask his girl for an accurate answer to that.

I have to admit that what drew me most to this product was the similarity of it to one of those plasma bulbs from my childhood. It is kinds similar tho, that was not the letdown. Minus the terrifying sound and melting metal stink. See dr. clockwork’s electro bulb lights up slightly when it’s turned un but turned bright when it’s in contact with skin. It makes it a little bit more exciting!
Tho it did not give me sexual joy, it did not hurt either. Which is a win for me? Was totally prepared with tears.
I do like touching the bulb with fingers to, not with my genitalia tho. This brings me to another use that I found for this product so you don’t need to cry after spending almost 289€ and finding out this is not your cup of tea either.

Safety first!

The usage of Violet Wands can be very dangerous for people with heart pacemakers, insulin pumps, or other electric driven implants. People with cardiac trouble or any sort of nerve damage shouldn’t use the Violet Wand at all. In the context of the BDSM principles ”Safe, Sane, Consensual“ most literature recommends never using above the neck. Not for use internally due to the danger of glass probe breaking.
– MEO.de


Pro tips:

  • For intense electro sex you can for example use SHOCK electrode gel for electro sex fro MEO.
  • For mild experience press one finger against the side of the bulb while holding the device to divide the intensity. Or use a sheer fabric between the bulb and skin not allowing them to touch directly but close enough to deliver the sensation.
  • First time to electro sex? For the love of god don’t put it against your cookies right away. Try it on some other part of your body, like your arm to see how you react to it. Some people are sensitive enough to develop a rash. Temporary redness is normal tho if it swells that is NOT normal.
  • Always, ALWAYS start with the lowest setting first. Especially if you’re new to this entire thing and don’t know your limits and body reaction yet.
  • Besides obvious use, you can also use it for your face and body for acne treatment. You’ll find a bunch of videos about how to and about results all around the internet once you’ll google high frequency facial.
  • If you’re not into BDSM I’d not advise even considering this product. Meaning if you’re new to the sex toy world in general don’t even start here. Try a bullet or a wand for starter and work your way up from there.

This was all for this review.
Dr. Sado kit, A.k.a Dr. Clockwork’s kit was sent to me kindly by MEO in exchange of an honest review. You can purchase it directly from their website here or from Amazon and other various places including dr. clockworks official website.

See you at the next review!

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