King of the wands: Doxy 3


Ditey rates 5/5

Hello darlings!

Yet another magnificent toy that has been holding on to and waiting for the perfect moment to review it. This is as good as any. Hold on to your hats for this review and tomorrow’s review will be even more exciting!
Did I crown it? Yes, I did! By far my absolute wand! I mean it put every other wand that has tried before until now to shame. My wand is a she and she is an absolute beauty + mind-blowing. She deserved her crown!

Old readers knows that I’m on mission to try as many wands as possible, but just letting you know just in case you’re new here: Welcome to ditey world of curiosity!

Boy oh boy was I excited to FINALLY get my hands on this beauty. So many emotions! What comes to mind, again and again, is FINALLYYYYYYYY!!!

Let us get into this and review this beauty properly before getting into my review:

+ Rumbling wand!
+ Will survive from generation to generation and prolly a war too!
+ Long cord
+ Wand cap replaceable
+ Will send your pupils to back of your head
+ Simple packing, only essentials
+ Amazing sensation with light use or pressure.
+ I’ve used it to massage all parts of my body. Muscles, neck and even stomach. It hits the spot just right!
+ Huge soft buttons so you can easily choose the speed while getting that delightful massage

– Heavy wand to wield
– A bag to keep it in would be nice
– Cordless option would be also nice since many other companies that started with cord are publishing new lines without cords. Keep up Doxy!
– Only two vibration setting? WHY!
– As much as I love metal and glass, it’s not perhaps the best material for a wand. For someone like me that likes to play for long it can be quite an exercise. But again there is wand holders out there so problem solved.

Ditey favorited!

Oh yes! It gets all the stars, my left kidney, and money that I have. I’m not addicted at all. This wand was and is worth all the hype and waiting. One of the few times that I’m not disappointed. Doxy 3 will ALWAYS get you to finish line. It’s my emergency solution when trying new toys out that numbs me out and drive me only nuts. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been numbed out, with doxy I’ll still reach the expected result. Every time. Also perfect for a quickie.
Personally I use it with or without other toys. Depends on how intense want the session to be. It gets seriously intense with G-spot or A-spot stimulation. Feel like I’m gonna faint- intense. I’m sure it would continue just going at it again and again eventually would pass out. No regrets.

Pro tips!

  • Lube. As always, use it. Water-based OR oil-based. Cuz the head is silicone and you don’t want to ruin this magnificent wand with silicone-based lube.
  • Take your sweet time to get to know your new toy alone or with your partner.
  • You can use it basically on any part of the body. I’m telling you, it feels amazing even against calves. It’s nuts! But don’t take my word for it and explore it for yourself. You won’t regret it.
  • This makes an amazing gift. Even a wedding gift. 
  • I’d say to use it on nips, clit, perineum, vulva (yes entire glory and not only on clit), around the anus, even on nuts if not too sensitive and on tip of penis. Choices and options are endless. 
  • Not all the options are necessarily sexual. Just put a generous amount of lube on each other’s backs and give each other a relaxing massage. 


This was it for this doxy review. I’m madly in love with it and it’s my absolute fav wand.
This post was sponsored by MEO that kindly sent me this wand and made my day! You can find this product from their website here.

See you tomorrow peeps! Enjoy your day and night for some. I’ll be treating myself to a cupcake and talk to you again tomorrow. 


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