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Holaaa chicas!

Today we’ll review oldest and most common… handle *chuckle*, a tool if you please, that is used to reach the big O: a.k.a HANDS

This is THE golden tool that we all start with. Ok not maybe all, but most.

It’s free and silent. Always with you. They won’t pay special attention to the airport. (I just had to pull out all of my electronics in the security check. Lucky that I had only a tiny bullet with me)

It’s most likely more hygienic than most toys, cuz people won’t take care of them. SHAME!

You can use it alone OR with a partner. On partner or on yourself. It works great and as well as you can use it. Totally up to your skills. Works probably the best for musicians 😉

I can just go on about hands and keep making bad jokes, but this should be enough. Trying to keep it short.

Please leave a comment and tell me how you like to use your hands to assist in reaching big ♡!

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