Small but feisty Eva 2

Ditey rates 2,7/5

Hello Darlings!

Yet another creation that I took my sweet time to get to know it. Why?
Well all these years I spent my time hating my labia (yes, first world problems) thinking they’re too big and dreaming of a cosmetic surgery. Trying Eva changed my opinion entirely. Read again and again how Eva 2 wouldn’t stay in place and thought to myself well it’s probably cuz of their cute little labias. At least I have enough to hold this thing in place, right? Wrong!
This little toy looks and acts like a flea. Buzzes like crazy and hops around like a flea. Thankfully just not as high or it would be a disaster trying to catch it after it falling out of its place.

I’ll tell you more about my glamorous experience with Dame Eva 2 soon, but first lets get into actual review:

Pros and cons:

+ I think it’s beautiful design and thoughtfully designed. One simply does not fit all.
+ Love the color options, visually very pleasing.
+ ABS silicone, bravo!
+ Waterproof! YES!!
+ Magnetic rechargeable (through its own charging case that comes with the product)
+ 3 intensity, only one pattern. (consistent vibration)

+ My personal favorite: Love their marketing video of happy Eva dancing, jumping up and down! Sums pretty well how feisty little toy it is.


– Since one size OBVIOUSLY doesn’t fit all, there should be either dif sizes available or the butterfly wings should be more adjustable than they already are. To be able to reshape them would be excellent and longer wings please!
– There’s a magnificent little bullet motor inside and I have a soft spot for bullets. However for this price any bullet would have more vibration patterns. Come on! You can do better than one pattern with three tensity.


All in all:

To be honest, I had quite a hard time trying to hold on to this thing and take it from someone with a sensitive clit: this toy on its own won’t be able to get you off. Gave it a go with special lube that adds to your sensitivity and still nothing. It does manage to get you crazy like a bull that sees red. My advice: always use it with a partner/company insertable toy.
Also seeing how it’s mentioned multiple times it’s hard to hold on to this toy look up Sili Saddle, it helps to hold on to this toy effortlessly.

Personally I always use vibrators consistent vibrations so for me, it works that it has only the consistent vibration “pattern”. Not everyone likes it tho. Also, it’s fun to switch things up every once in awhile, and this way it’s not possible.


Pro tips:

  • Excellent gift for a couple and from a partner to another.
  • Easy to take with to travels.
  • Use Sili Saddle to hold on to you little darling Eva 2.
  • This time I would NOT advise to use lube with this product. It’s hard enough to keep it in place without lube. With lube, it’ll slip off your hand like a bar of soap.
  • Easy to clean anyway you, please. I wouldn’t put it in a dishwasher, but it’s as waterproof as it gets so it won’t get damaged cuz of water. Heat might damage it.
  • Wear it under your panties for foreplay. You’ll thank me later.
  • “Ride it” while sitting on it against a hard surface like floor so it won’t be able to slip away.

This was pretty much it for this review and you can thank Dame products for sponsoring me Eva 2 for experimenting and reviewing it. It sure was fun and frustrating.

It’s not my fav toy but I don’t entirely hate it either. Defo holding on to it for further experimenting. It’s very dif from most toys so I’d recommend it to a toy collector but a terrible choice as a first toy.

See you tomorrow with a new review!

Byeee XOX


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