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Good morning darlings!

I’ve got so many questions about products for men and happy to say that this is one of the very basic goods for men. At least in my opinion and these are not expensive nor massive to always have it with you. Every self-respecting man should have at least one penis ring. If I had a penis I know I would.

This is a good moment as any to say that paid for this little thing myself and surprised my man with little something for him since he got myself so many toys. Got bunch of other rings too, but they ended up in the trash so let us do not talk about them. He liked this one so it has been around for quite a while.

What it’s meant for is to stop the blood to flow back so it’ll help you to keep the hard-on + keep it rock hard. It’s supposed to help to last longer too, but for some, it has the opposite effect. Suppose you have to find out for yourself if you’ll like it or not.

without further ado lets rate this simple thing, shall we?

+ Helps to maintain erection
+ Feels nice and tight (if you’re into it)
+ Will help to delay ejaculation
+ ABS silicone
+ It’s VERY elastic and won’t squeeze the life out of you.

– You better shave before putting this on or it might pull your pubes out. Auch!

All in all

It’s not rocket science and mainly got it for my man to help with maintaining an erection (rock hard kind) and helping with premature ejaculation.
Tho this product is meant for men, also your partner will benefit from it. Greatly. No matter what gender they are.
They sell different kinds of rings that benefit both: some have say bumpy texture and some vibrate. I’ll get more into this at another post, but there will be vibrating ones coming up.

Pro tips:

  • This is a GREAT gift to your partner, casual gift.
  • Will benefit both of you; yourself and your partner.
  • Use a penis pump to pump more blood into your Johnsson and put the ring on to maintain an erection. It’ll be rock hard + swollen.
  • Use the ring around your balls for dif sensation. If you’re into it. Give it a try.
  • Put the ring around the entire system: penis & balls. For yet another snug sensation.
  • If you’re buying a penis ring for the first time, make sure to purchase a bag of multiple sizes to find your size. It’ll be annoying af to buy something that is too big/ squeezes the life out of your junior.

This was all for this little gadget. Honestly, I’d have at least five of dif kinds of penis rings if I had a penis.
Gentlemen do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these. It doesn’t have to be this exact model, but a ring. You won’t regret it.

See you at the next review.

Ps. you can find this goodie here.


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