Cake, orgasm and repeat!


Wait, what?!


Well hello to you too!
Yes, that’s right. Cakes and orgasms and not necessarily in that order.

This post came to me naturally in the morning after waking up and casually decided to make myself a cupcake for breakfast. YUM!
Well, it didn’t look anything like pictures down below, but just added some visual food for you. I could spend all day going through cake pictures and would travel to wherever to get my hands on these cakes!
A.k.a  Every time we travel to Spain I live on pastries basically. So many OPTIONS!


How does this is even related to anything that this blog represents? Pleasure. 

With naturally low blood pressure + antidepressants, I have a HUGE craving for sugar constantly. Do I try to avoid it? Sure. It doesn’t work nor I want to actually resist it anymore. Cuz sugar tastes better than ever and why to avoid it when I can enjoy it? I’ve tried my entire life to be discreet and deny myself everything that brings pleasure.
As a sensitive person, I have sharp senses. Very picky about my taste pallet and as funny as it is I don’t care about the food that much, it’s only energy. But cakes and pastries are to die for. Have the biggest spice collection to try to make food taste decent tho and am like a mad scientist in the kitchen experimenting with all spices. Making a simple salad might include seven spices. No, it has nothing to do with being Persian.


Welcome to my life:

Today while enjoying my cake little piece at a time and dancing around in my fav undies in sunlight decided this is how I want to live. Allowing myself to finally enjoy and as much as I can. With every sense wide awake and want to make my life all about it.

You’re probably thinking ‘Well who doesn’t?’

See, from my point of view, people have forgotten to LIVE. We’re too busy trying to earn someone’s approval and doing what is expected from us. When hitting middle age experience a crisis cuz all this time you’ve been living someone else’s life.

Meanwhile doing what I want to do, I want to help as many as I can reach to do the same. You don’t need to drop everything to enjoy life. Just learn to appreciate little things and cherish them. 


Blablabla cake!

It could go on and on about pleasure and little things in life,  but don’t think anyone has time to read the entire thing so enjoy the cake pics and want you to take a moment to be grateful that you have something with a screen to read this from. Not because someone has it worse. Because technology is here to help us, make our lives easier. People can connect like never before and most of my best friends live abroad all around the world. I just want to shake you up a little to be mindful of what you have and enjoy it.

Do you know what sharpens your senses? Orgasm. Try a cake after orgasm. You’ll thank me later.
Alright then, let you get to it. Enjoy and let me know what little thing brings you daily joy?

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