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I have to make a post on weekend, cuz have been lazy and am behind the schedule. Sorry, life happened.
I have spent tons of time upgrading this page, again.  I spent two weeks on modifying everything to perfection and now I’m doing it all over again. The good news is that this time it’s moving way faster. What do you think of results?

One star, huh? I think it’s too generous for this thing. Had such high hopes for it. I mean it even has two motors and all, yet pathetic performance. Just sad. 



Let me give you insight: 

+ It’s cute little bunny shaped
+ ABS silicone
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ Waterproof
+ It has some seriously strong vibration
+ 7 vibration modes and they all work
+ Charging stations magnet is quite powerful and it’s not obv for every magnetic rechargeable item. It’s more of exception to be strong than weak. 

–  WHO designed this?!!!
– It turns on from pushing button between + and – but until this day I have no idea how to turn it off. Push either button and hold? Both and hold? Middle of them and hold? Push twice? Beg it to stop. Blood sacrifice. At this point other party asks to try to turn it off. Now same thing over again.

All in all:

You see this little b*tch is just a strongly vibrating buzz kill. Either my toy is broken or it’s just plainly shitty line. But again we had a similar problem with this pretty lady.
– Did I mention it’s clumsy? Get out of my house.

It makes me want to throw it out of the window. 
The only scenario that would make me want to purchase this is to send it to someone I hate for special kind of f* your gift. 


Pro tip:

  • Don’t purchase this piece of crap. Save your money. There is another bunny, that I reviewed here that has the same functionality and actually works + is very cute!
  • Grab it by the ears and it’ll make an excellent emergency weapon. The only reason I’d keep it by my bed.


I’m gonna let this one be before starting to plan revenge on it. Yes, on a vibrator. Don’t judge me.

Today I’ll be taking time to have some me time and go visit our ducks in the back yard. Hopefully, they’ve laid eggs already! Can’t wait for the duckling season!
See you on Monday! Bye  

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