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Hello, darlings!

I wish someone would have told me about this bullet so gonna tell you that this is a basic toy everyone should have. No matter what gender you are. 

It’s tiny but mighty. Read the review somewhere that it’s hard to hold on to and my exact reaction was pfft, yeah right. Got mine, turned it on and it hopped off my hand and landed on the table. Spent good little while watching it bounce around like a grasshopper on cocaine.

Let us break it down to basics:

+ It has 10 freq. so there is something for everyone.
+ It actually helps with my stomach ache or when I’m bloated. Just massage my tummy with this for a while, say 5-10min and done. Magic!
+ Can’t ? This will solve that too! Orgasm does it too, but that tummy rub does it even better. Just to be sure, do both. Both is good.
+ Tense muscles? Say no more! My gosh it feels so good on neck. I’m telling you.
+ It’s also easy to use with partner cuz cuz of it’s handy size.
+ Did I mention it’s waterproof? AWESOME!

– Battery won’t last longer than 2h with most powerful mode. To solve the problem, get two of these. Keep it simple, stay happy.

My thoughts:

Trust me when I tell you this bullet is mighty! Your precious bits will go numb for a while if you like to add pressure while using it. Wasn’t expecting this much power in something this tiny.
With the first try took me under 10sec to reach the big O… And I’ve been having some problems finding myself again after antidepressants since it changed so many things sexually for me. It takes me at least five times longer to reach climax for an instant. This bullet sure took care of that problem.


Pro tips:

  • Lube, always use lube. 
  • Use is alone or solo, this babe will fit perfectly between you and your partner.
  • It’ll perform magic all around the vulva and on the clit.
  • Guys, you’ll love it too! It feels great on balls, shaft or tip of the D. (I’ve had this tested with a bunch of difs. people and results are always out of this world)
  • Great travel companion! Long or short. Keep mine in my purse and always with me. Also on long travels.
  • Hands down the best gift you can give someone. This bullet helps with so many things. Even with neck pain and sometimes I massage my face to relax facial muscles after a stressful day. Painkiller avoided.


This is it for this post and will see you at the next one.
Paid for this babe myself and you’ll be able to purchase your own from here.
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Until next time,
Ta taa!

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