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It has been a while. I’ve been pretty busy with this lube. Yes, you read that right. This stuff is amazing and it changed my perception about lubes 180 degrees.
The good news is that I don’t think it’ll be running out anytime soon since I’m using it one drop at a time. Maybe two if I feel more generous. Honestly, this is such a good product that I don’t simply want to waste any. I’ve always hated lubes since some just are messy, some are sticky, some freakin melt and drip and that stuff won’t come out of any bedding and it looks like melted butter stain. Some get absorbed into skin way too fast so you have to use entire freak in a bottle at one go, some won’t get absorbed at all, and even after night, you’re still ready to sit and slide across the room. 
They do make them sticky on purpose since some people like it that way, but most like it to be as invisible aid. In my opinion, good lube has to get absorbed at some point, not too soon tho and Aquameo just has perfect balance of everything.
There’s more lubes to be reviewed by Meo and will be more in the future from dif brands. However, this one is gonna be the first one.



Now let the judgement begin. Shall we?

+ Non sticky (view gif for reference)
+ Does the job well 
+ Won’t get absorbed too soon
+ Wouldn’t stain your clothes or sheets
+ Water based goes with all the toys and condoms
+ Don’t worry, it won’t dry you out like silicone based lubes might
+ Hygiene security plastic sealed and so satisfying to unzip the plastic off.

–  Wishing that it came in bigger bottles. Lubes generally come in way too small packages. I have to get to bottom of the reason why is this..

All in all:

This one made it to my favorite list! Yay! I mean it has to have a good lube, right? 
If you don’t have any, get some. Cuz if you have an intimate life, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. 
For women and men! Guys stop being so cheap and get a proper lubricant instead of using hand creams. Jeez. They’re as expensive anyway so you’re not doing yourself nor your wallet any favors.


Pro tips:

You’re most likely not to be allergic or react in any way to water-based lube, so it’s a safe bet. Especially if they go organic etc. 
For silicone toys ONLY water-based lube is ok or you’ll ruin your toy. That’s right. 
It’ll work wonders with or without condoms. Even if you’re going solo, try lube to spice things up. 
Do not splash on the floor and try to slide on it as you did with shampoo as a kid on the bathroom floor and slide from one side to another. This stuff is seriously slippery and chances are you’ll get hurt. Not in a pleasurable way. That said also always wipe it off right away if it spills on the floor.

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t have much experience with lubes, but I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone. You’ll thank me later.

Alright, folks!
We’re done for today.
This post is sponsored by MEO and ruined by me. You’re welcomed.

The new post will be out tomorrow and see you then. Bye-bye xx


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