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Hello, darlings!
A special hello to darlings that like ‘butt stuff’. If you’re no into it by now, you’ll be by end of the review. Or at least I’ll try to make you even give it a try. You can’t hate anything that you haven’t tried before, right? I mean it’s literally RIGHT THERE and you never even try to explore it? That’s the fastest and inexpensive adventure one can have. On budget and time-saving? Count me in!

Yes. I just spent good 3min advertising butt stuff. 

So this time I’ll try a bit dif kind of review and have it reviewed right away for beginners and experienced… butt holes. 


Lets dive right into it, shall we?

+ Royal crown for my A-hole? Yes please!
+ You can use any lube with it, metal.
+ Speaking of metal: Aluminium. Still surprisingly heavy!
+ 4th use and still golden + color hasn’t faded out.
+ Comes in silver too
+ VERY cheap for something so gorgeous. I mean I wouldn’t even embarrassed if this was forgotten on a table. If you wan’t to dazzle up that human donut for any reason (specially if you’re too self aware about it, then this is a great option)
+ Love that “long neck” between plug bud and stopper. Usually it’s very short so plug just sits there, but this length allows the plug to move around just a bit. To be sucked in and pushed out like a pinkie.

– The only minus is the gem itself. It has been glued into the plug itself so it’ll eventually gather all bacteria and all the loving ew’s in it. You have to clean it carefully after each use. Which should be done anyway even without need of me stating it out separately.

– I’d love to have little bit of texture on that neck, between plug bud and stopped to give that little extra sensation. Smooth surface moves smoothly yes but in the end you’ll grow tired of it fast and it’ll feel like going numb. OR I’m too adventurous. And toy snob.

In action:

Let me state it out simple and plain right away: it felt like sucking on a pinkie. Depending on the state you’re going through you’re constantly relaxing and tensing up before reaching the climax. It’s enjoyable at every state. For obv reasons, I can only imagine how this would work for men, but as a lady, I can tell you it’s magical to be used while having with someone or just with another toy. I’ll give you that so hyped double stimulation. Awe YIIIS! 
For men: this golden beauty simply does not miss your G spot. Give that spot a royal treatment!
For women: Ladies you have two options. Go on a wild adventure!


  • LUBE! This time it might hurt a bit if you don’t use lube. Especially since skin and metal don’t have the softest friction. As a pole dancer, I can tell you about all the bruises and burns tho this is a small piece of metal, your butthole will tell about the friction alright. Just take my word for this one and at least use saliva. Your sphincter will thank you later.
  • You can use warm water to warm it up a bit if a cold metal is not your cup of tea. Or vice versa, keep it in the fridge.
    WARNING: do not have it the deep freezer. It can damage your muscles, sphincter, and you’ll have quite a shitty life after that. Literally. 
  • Treat yourself into this piece of jewelry. It’ll make you feel like a princess. It’ll be a perfect gem to your collection or a perfect first anal toy. 
  • Not maybe the best gift. Might raise an eyebrow. Or two. And cost you a friendship. Who gifts each other buttplugs anyway. 
  • If used with metal/ glass (this concerns women only) for your vajayjay sake go easy on yourself! You can hurt yourself way too easily; the skin between the colon and vagina is quite thin in the end.


There’s only so much to say about a buttplug so this was all of it.
The bottom line I love it and would recommend it. Especially if you like hard toys, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those people, there’s silicone plugs and toys. 
This post is sponsored by MEO and you can find this product on their website here.

It’s 2 am and I’m preaching about anal and jewels. Time for this princess to climb to bed. 

Buenas Noches XXX

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