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It has been pointed out more than a few times that why haven’t reviewed anything anal related. Well, you can always use the dildos for anal too you know, but yes there haven’t been any anal plugs by far. So as requested, here’s one and as a matter of fact, it’s my first anal plug!

Let me tell you a few things before things get ugly:
Any anal related thing is not anyone’s cup of tea. For women, it doesn’t have any special kind of stimulation and some don’t enjoy it at all. Actually it stimulates A spot the best. Yes, for women. Yet women won’t try it. Some on the other hand are even able to reach the big O even from Anal only. And yes, we’re talking about women. For men, however, G spot located in anal. Most of them are on hard denial to even try it tho. Their loss. Try prostate massagers if nothing else!


Ok so time for cons and pros:

+ Glass, oh yeas. Cool, hard and it’ll warm up to be very hot in use. Quite amazing material.
+ Very hygienic material SPECIALLY for anal toys.
+ It’ll slide like a dream once used with lube. Otherwise it’ll get stuck like rubber gloves on glass.
+ There is tons of variety, sizes and colors to choose from. They even have fox tails with glass anal plugs. Doesn’t get any fancier than that, huh? Glass class, but in the butt 

– Being cold and hard is not everyones cup of tea. Remember to try to even give it a chance before saying no or you won’t even know what you’re missing. I’ve ended up liking so unlikely stuff by just giving it ONE chance and once was all that it needed.
– You can always break it, but usually it’s made of Pyrex glass, which mean it’s specially made for kitchen use and made in higher temperature than normal glass, which makes it more durable. So not so easy to chip it and break it, but still not entirely impossible. But again, you can even break diamond by dropping it. Depending on landing angle.

Take it from me:

Back to lady rectums:
Ladies, take it from me. Try it before saying no forever.
This thing is very thin and small. 
I would dare to say you’d enjoy it best with a companion, but keep it in your own butt. It’d feel like double penetration and admit it; many of us are curious to try it anyway. Give it a go.

Alright, that got too deep into science and facts. Let’s get deeper into that ass, shall we?
You can find this pretty boy anywhere online.


Pro tips:

  • Lube, this time absolutely have to use it! It makes it pain-free and much more pleasant. 
  • Always, ALWAYS wash this toy before and after use. Hygiene before pleasure. It’s part of it tbh. Infection is not enjoyable..
  • An absolutely good toy to have around. For beginners and pros. Little plus for spicing things up or whatever comes to mind.
  • For solo: after putting it in sit on your knees on the floor and ‘ride it’ cuz it’s so thin that you’ll squeeze it out. Push it back in by sitting on it. You’ll set the tempo.
  • Absolutely good for travel. Small, compact, and clean. Not suspicious-looking either.
  • 10/10 recommend to toy collectors as much as to someone starting their collection.

It’s Persian new year soon so I’ll be going to spend it with my family now.
There’ll be a new post tomorrow, as always.

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