Man handle your G-spot and A-spot with this toy


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Hello darlings!

I told you today’s post won’t be disappointing. This is it!
I’ve read so much about this and mostly about how this is THE toy to try if you want to know if you can squirt. Ok let us back up again and let me explain:
Old readers already know about my love for glass toys and for new readers quickly explained the reason is how easy it is to keep them hygienic, their weight and hardness. But oh honey let me tell you that glass toys lost their glory compared to this. I mean this thing is HEAVY! My first thought when picked it out of the box was that I could absolutely use this as a weapon and easily kill someone. It weighs almost a kilo, so take my word for it when I say it’s heavy.
Probably the biggest difference between this toy and any other toy is that it’s freakin immortal. You’ll be able to leave it as part of your legacy and pass it down to generation to generation.

I’m not sure if you can get away with carrying it through airport security, cuz jokes aside this could be used as a weapon and it’s a big chunk of metal that looks like a weird kind of weapon. Personally have grown so fond of my wand that there is no way I’d risk losing my beloved metal baby. If you’ve traveled with your wand, please let me know how it went.

Let’s get into best part of review, shall we?

+ Came with bubble wrap with MEO card. Simple.
+ Excellent quality (not rubbish metal that is coated with layer of stainless steel
+ Always praise double headed toys
+ Will send your pupils to back of your head
+ Wrapped in protecting layer it could be used as nutcracker. Best ice breaker at x-mas parties.
+ Both heads provide absolutely dif stimulation and I like to thing it’s for her and him. It could be used at the same time, if you get my drift.
+ Absolutely a gem toy. Everyone needs one of these! Excellent gift.

– It seriously is tiring to use this on yourself. I mean this as an aerialist that carry my body weight on my hands quite often. So you need a play mate OR find a holder for it and put your legs to work.
– It’s be fair to have size options in my opinion.

I love this toy way too much. It was love at first sight. I did not even need to try it to know that I’m gonna love it.

Ditey favorite to the moon and back!

Sharp senses are a gift and a curse. I’m one of those highly sensitive people that probably come off crazy with their sharp senses + being emotionally very sensitive too. No, I do not run to the bathroom crying if you tell me we’re out of my fav tea, but I’ll absolutely be able to smell cheap metals. Hate it so much and avoid usually touching metals to not get that cheap metal smell on my hands. It can be cheap Ikea cutlery or just trash quality jewelry. I am happy to say that this toy does not have any kind of smell. Very pleased with this fact, cuz it means it’s a quality product. Also, steel is heavy, iron is not. You can find these kinds of dildos everywhere. Cheaper. They’re probably Iron and steel coated, weight is a dead giveaway.
Njoy is the most known brand to sell this item. However, so many other sellers sell it without the brand. I don’t force my opinion on anyone about which one to buy. Mine is not from Njoy and was kindly sent to me by MEO.


Pro tips:

  • LUBE!!! Use it. Use whatever you like, even silicone-based, and this time I’d actually recommend silicone-based. Played with water-based lube and had to keep adding it 24/7 so silicone-based will last most likely through entire playtime.
  • Play with a partner or find a holder for this toy since it’s seriously heavy and hard to control after a while. Especially when you’re getting close to reaching the big O and it’s SO frustrating. Drives me to king kong mode and you don’t want to get there especially with this toy as a weapon to wield around.
  • You can clean it any way you please. Dishwasher, wash it with soap and rinse with boiling hot water, use sanitizer, or whatever you like.
    WARNING: Steel is one of the best metals to transmit heat so you have to protect your hands from the heat if rinsing it with boiling hot water. It’ll also be extra hot when coming right out of the dishwasher.
  • One of the best toys you’ll ever come across to precisely hit G-spot or A-spot. Why not both, get them both. Also male G-spot!

Ok dears, this was all for this review. I’m so happy to finally share this review with you. I have been testing this toy really hard… for science. Yes.
It’s this kind of toy that makes keeping a blog worth all the work. Then there are those little fuckers that zap the traumas back. (read here)
This post was sponsored by MEO and you can find this product on their website from here.

I’ll be leaving you for your experiments and see you at the next post!
Bye! XOX

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