About me

Greetings & welcome to my world of curiosity!

The grand idea behind why I started this blog is to help everyone and anyone who is trying to find themselves, struggling with self-confidence for any reason to be more confident. As long as you don’t hurt anyone in order to be yourself, go for it! Right?

I have my own pain from the past that would have needed help with and so does many many others. However I made it on my own, magically, and I know not everyone can. It doesn’t make me special nor better. I just want to help anyone going through the same that I did or something similar much much faster via my experience. I’ll explain it in detail at ‘my background‘.
Personally I use a great deal of time searching through reviews and hope for realistic reviews before purchasing something that I’m gonna introduce to my lady garden. Of course, you shouldn’t put anything up there that is not made for such a use! Stop using those hairbrush handles and cucumbers. Just don’t. Seriously.

I’ll do my homework and background check + material etc research for you so you’ll find easily what’s your cup of tea, what tickles your pickle, and so on. Yes, it started strongly as a blog for women, but I’m bringing in all kinds of toys, also for men. I’m supporting everyone’s sexuality. No matter what’s between your legs or what your sexual orientation. For all of you curious ones, I’m bi and in an open relationship. 💖
What comes to my content, I’m paying for everything myself unless I say otherwise at the end of the review. I’ll always be brutally honest about my experiences with those little buzzers regardless of who paid for them. Ain’t no one have time nor money for useless gadgets.

Without further ado lets get to browse the reviews, shall we? 💋

My background:

It is a pretty normal part of growing up to be sexually curious and just ‘investigate’ find what you like etc. Not for me. It has always been a huge tabu and kind of a secret. Dirty secret. It didn’t stop me but sure brought tons and tons of shame.
To all of my Asian readers out there, you know what I’m talking about. Parents spying on you 24/7 so even I stayed longer in the bathroom my mom would notice and would sneak behind the door to figure out what was I exactly doing there. I liked to take long hot showers and just stand under hot running water, ok? Geez.

We all struggle with our body image while growing up, it’s part of the ‘teenage dream’ so there is no surprise with that. I did a great job hating myself on my own and my parents sure did not make it any easier by letting me know on a daily bases how fat I’m getting etc. Still, this is only the beginning. Constantly trying to lose weight in order to be confident. That said there was zero confidence that caused all kinds of problems, including damaging my view of myself and developing a healthy sex life.
As I said, I made it despite everything. It took me years to get where I am today. But most importantly finally connected with my goddess within and feel more confident than ever.

PS. The original plan was to name my blog Aphrodite after the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. Tho it’s cliché to a great extent, it’s a quite fitting name, don’t you think? According to the mythology, she posses both genders and personally I love this little detail, cuz it doesn’t matter which gender you are in the end. However I’m having bigger plans for that name, so I decided to go with the nickname inspired by Aphrodite that I’ve used for quite a while now; Ditey. It also reminds me of Disney and Dita Von Teese (big fan of both).