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Welcome to world of curiosity. Today discovered A-spot. Or it has been there all along have sure enjoyed it, but not have located what is that exactly that drives me nuts and might possibly be your cup of tea too. I’m not so crazy about my G-spot. A-spot turned out to be my THE spot.
I’m pretty sure they never talked about A-spot in school. How else are you supposed to know? To the Google!

Always try to encourage women to try anal and this is why: A-spot.
Ok I didn’t know it was A-spot before while ago but my point is that it seriously feels amazing when done right. Personally I can reach climax from anal so I’ll put extra effort in recommending it for a reason.

Let me explain it properly:

Welcome to biology class, again!

As you can see in the picture above cuz the A-Spot is located at the back of the vagina, fingers or anal sex can trigger this zone. Yes, anal. It came as a surprise to me too!
A vagina’s average length is less than 7cm, making it possible to reach in various positions with penetration and fingers. I prefer to reach it with toys for max control of speed and motion; with the A-spot, the key to orgasm isn’t touching, it’s pressure and movement.

So what is A-spot?

“Technically known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, the A-spot is a pleasurable patch of sensitive tissue right at the inner ends of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder. According to Alicia, it’s also referred to as the female degenerated prostate because of its precise location and ability to be stimulated similarly to the male prostate (or the male G-spot).”
This was so well said that I had to just insert it as it is. You can read the full article here.

Pro tips:

Despite all the instructions above, I’ll give you my fav toy tip to make most of your A-spot stimulation.
You’ve probably come across Njoy pure wands online. If not, google it. It’ll be your bestie. It hits G-spot AND A-spot like it’s nobody’s business.
As always: use tons of lube for extra comfort and pleasure!

That’s it for this magical discovery.
See you at next review!

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